Water Sports

Water Sports

Are you a water sport enthusiast? Turkey is a paradise for water sports adventurers. Over 8,000 km of coastline, numerous beautiful rivers and sparkling lakes make Turkey one of the most spectacular water sports destinations in the world.


Turkey is one of the best windsurfing destinations in the world. If you have ever wanted to learn windsurfing, Turkey is a great place to start this exciting and exhilarating sport.

The windsurfing holidays in Turkey make this exciting and exhilarating sport accessible to everybody. If you have ever wanted to learn windsurfing, Turkey is a great place to start. Cesme and Alacati are both popular for windsurfing.

Alacati is one of the best windsurfing destinations in the world. The bays around Cesme, Foca, Bodrum and Datca peninsula, as well as Antalya, have ideal wind conditions for windsurfing.


Turkey's Aegean shores are among the best windsurfing and kite surfing areas in the Mediterranean.

Windsurfing in Alacati


Alacati is the Turkish windsurf riviera has it all; countless easy-to-access spots for beginners to find their footing and great nightlife.

Best Seasons


The coastal plain enjoys an exceptionally mild climate, with soft, verdant springs, hot summers, sunny autumns and warm winters marked by occasional showers. Summer months are ideal for windsurfing and sun bathing.

With its 330 strong windy days suitable for windsurf and best Aegean-Turkish cuisine, Alacati, might be the perfect place for you. We are sure that you will enjoy its crystal clear, turquoise waters whether a surfer or not.

Places for Windsurfing


Some of the excellent places to go windsurfing in Turkey;





Gumusdere Beach



Pirlanta Beach

Bitez Cove

Datca Peninsula



Bitez Cove



Teos Seferihisar Akkum Beach

Sea Kayaking Turkey


There is no other backdrop that compares to paddling around the coastal water of the Mediterranean and Aegean coast of Turkey. Sea kayaking is one of the most exciting and fun ways to explore the rocky coastline and caves of Turkey's beautiful turquoise coast.

One of the most popular destinations is Kas where you can literally kayak through, in and over the Lycian ruins of the sunken city. History and monuments to great civilizations litter the coast lines and kayaking gives you the one of the most relaxed adventures you could imagine.

Diving in Turkey

Come and explore our turquoise coastline that has it all – rich underwater fauna, caves, and shipwrecks thousands of years old. That is why scuba divers often call Turkey as the wonderland.

Scuba Diving


Turkey is the best place to go scuba diving with its turquoise waters and submerged world. Divers can discover underwater caverns, sunken ships and even the remains of ancient cities. If you just prefer a different perspective, you will enjoy exploring Turkey's sights underwater.


Scuba diving has really taken off in Turkey in recent years, partly due to the clear, warm waters visibility of 30 metres is not uncommon and the wealth of historic and natural treasures to be observed under the water.


But also because, compared to many other destinations, Turkey represents excellent value for money. The diving season usually runs from April to November. Marmaris, Fethiye, Kas and Antalya are some of the main centres.


Turkey attracts particular attention for its diving centres in the Mediterranean and the Aegean Sea and the natural beauty of the seas. Numerous diving centres and their experienced teams will open doors to a whole new world where you can experience a different dimension of freedom.


Diving schools throughout the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts catering for everyone from beginners to experts.



Turkish turquoise waters usually offer superb visibility and many treasures. Within the seas of Turkey, divers can discover a fascinating submerged world, from underwater caverns to sunken ships and even the remains of ancient cities.


On a visit to Turkey you can expect to find warm, clear waters and a large number of dive sites. The underwater scenery is varied and interesting, with tunnels, caverns and rocky pinnacles providing divers with plenty to explore.


There are also a lot of wrecks along the Turkish coast, both recent and modern. However many of these sites are protected by law so cannot be dived on, although more are being opened up with time. It is also common to find the remains of pottery and amphora while you are diving.


A great variety of fish species, coral reefs, wrecks and all other underwater beauties are waiting to welcome diving lovers at diving destinations such as Kas in Antalya province, Cesme in Izmir province and Bodrum in addition to Fethiye in Mugla province.



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