Located where the aegean meets the mediterranean, was host to several civilisations throughout history, and today it has a rich cultural heritage as well as magnificent natural sorroundings.


Several modern marinas, many coves along its coast and a natural harbour provide lots of options for the “Blue Voyage”. Marmaris is close to the sites of several ancient cities, and the bay provides ample opportunities for water sports. As one of Turkey’s prime destinations, it provides numerous compelling reasons and sites to visit. During the summer season the population booms with foreign and domestic visitors who enjoy sea bathing along the uninterrupted beach of the county centre. If you prefer there are many secluded coves, reachable only by boat, while others can be accessed by road as well.

“I am 8500 years old...” says Izmir. This metropolis, which is a cornucopia of civilizations and mythology in ancient lonia, has been home to the Amazons, Lydians, Persians, Alexander the Great and his generals, Romans, Arabs, Umayyads, Byzantines, Seljuk and Ottomans throughout thousands of years of history.

Izmir is attractively multi-cultural. From the perspective of cultural identity, its present socio-demographic composition is still characterized by tolerance towards different religions and cultural due to its Levantine, Jewish and Christian heritage. The synagogues and churches, which are open to visitors and still used, are important signs of this multi-cultural character.


Summers, due to Mediterranean climate in the region are hot and dry, while winters are warm and rainy. The temperature rarely drops below zero in the winter months. This temperature climate means that for rmost of the year it is a good place for outdoor pursuits and water sports.


    are both close to Marmaris and offer varied restaurants, accomodation, and entertainment facilities as well as very convenient transport services.


    offers facilities for those who like rustic charms and natural life. You can travel to İçmeler on a dolmuş (shared minibus) with a ten minutes ride, and its beach shore is quite suitable for water sports, pleasure diving, wateer skiing and you will also find restaurants, cafes, and entertainment venues there.


    which is one of the most beautiful small bays of the Aeagean Sea, and its beach has been awarded the Blue Flag. Turunç offers accomodation ranging facilities from humble pensions to four star resorts and it is an almost a compulsory stopover destination for Blue Voyage boats.


    Apart from the well known items of Turkish cuisine, the local speciality dish sura doldurması is very famous. Sura is mainly prepared on important occasions such as Kurban Bayramı (Festival of Sacrifice) or Hıdrellez (Spring Festival), and it is an oven roasted half rib cage of lamb stuffed with rice pilaf prepared with raisins and kernels of pine nut. The other local dishes are pirinçli balık (fish sauteed with rice and vagetables), keşkek ( paste of boiled wheat mixed with well cooked and boned lamb or chicken), çıntar kavurması (saute mushrooms), köreme böreği ( pastry filled with wild leaks), kıstırma (baked aubergines with a lamb and rice filling) and çıntar köftesi ( meatballs with mushroom). The local herbs such as turp otu ( wild radish leaves), ebegümeci ( mallow), semizotu (puslane) and the local deserts such as katmer (crisp flsky pasty), bestel (watermelon jam) and ballı kabak (roasted pumpkin chunks in a honey syrup) are much loved.


    İğne oyası (needle lace) is a traditional handicraft in Marmaris. There are quite a number of motifs and colours which have peculiar local names such as: mcnun yuvası( nest of the loved-crazed), kiremit sattıran (makes you sell your roof tiles), karanfil (cloves), portakal çiçeği (orange blossom), güldüren (hilarity), etc. In the past the needle lace used to be woven with silk, but nowadays they are produced with cotton and stnthetic yarn. The lace maker is believed to reflect her feelings and thoughts such as love, pain, regret, exasperation, disappointment, or happiness in her work.


    The renowned Günlük (sweetgum) trees, used in cosmetic and the pharmaceutical industries, are found just 2 kilometress out of the town centre at the Günnücel National Park picnic area. These trees are only grown in North America, East Asia and the Marmaris region of Turkey.


    Taking part in a Blue Voyage,

    - Visiting beauty spots of Marmaris such as Turunç, Cennet Island, Buzburun, Turgut Waterfall, Yalancı Boğaz and Günnücek,

    - Visiting Museum of Marmaris,

    - Tasting tarhana soupand sura doldurması of Marmaris,

    - Visiting the sited of settlements from antiquity...



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