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Datça, where the aegan meets the Mediterranean, is one of the most beautiful locations in Turkey.


With its pristine air, seafood restaurants, ancient ruins and natural beauty, Datça is ready to offer you a holiday that you will never forget. The Peninsula juts 70kilometres westward into the sea. On its Northern shores lays the Gökova Gulf and on its southern shores lays the Hisarönü Gulf. Running from Bencik Cove to Knidos at the tip of the Peninsula, the unique region was declared an environmental protection zone. With its calm seas, quality hotels and resorts, rustic seafood restaurants, ancient ruins, and virgin nature, Datça is the preferred spot for those who want to get away from the crowds and metropolises. Air in Datça region has the highest oxygen content in Turkey, and one of the richest around the globe.


The closest beaches to the centre are Hastanealtı, Kumluk, Taşlık and Azganlı. If you choose to leave the centre, you may swim at any spot along the 13 kilometres of coastline up to Perili Köşk Beach, towards Marmaris. You may also enjoy water sports at the Perili Köşk Hotel facilities.


The first excavation of Knidos, which was dated to the 7th century BC, was undertaken by an English explorer, Charles Newton, between 1856 and 1858. Knidos was an ,mportant trading centre during antiquity as well as a city of science, culture and arts. Praxiteles, the famous sculptor of the 4th century BC created Aphrodite at Knidos. The Aphrodite of Knidos is considered to be one of the most important archaeological finds. It is believed to be the first naked statue of goddess, and the city was swamped with those who wished to see the naked statue of Aphrodite. In Knidos you can enjoy city walls, theatres, acropolis, the sundial indicating the time and seasoms, the hill top Temples of Apollo and Aphrodite, as well as the church and a small museum. The famous astronomer Eudoxus, and the architect Sostratus, who built the Lighthouse of Alexandria, are from Knidos. If you prefer the sea route to Knidos you may take a shared boat ride departing from Datça. There are minibus services that take you within seven kilometres of the ruins.


There are 52 coves and bays along the coast of the peninsula. On the northern shore facing Aegean Sea the important ones are Gökçeler, Küçük Çatı, Çatı, Kızılağaç, Alavara, Çakal, Damlacık, Mersincik,  Murdala and İskandil. All of those are choice stopover spots for Blue Cruise boats. Along the shore of Mediterranean the important coves and bays are Knidos commercial harbour and Palamut, Akvaryum, Hayıt, Kızıl, Domuz, Kargı, Datça Harbour, Güllük, Karaincir, Sarı Liman, Kuruca, Günlücek and Lindos. The eastern shores of the bay of Bencik, the prime harbour of the Gulf of Hisarönü, belong to Datça and the opposite shore belongs to Marmaris.


- Tasting honey, almonds and palm dates of Datça

- Visiting the Ancient City of Knidos

- Having a boat tour

- Strolling at Datça centre

- Swimming in one of the coves

- Buying handicraft souvenirs from the local markets...



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